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Welcome to ICDR

ICDR, Integrated Community Development & Research, (former name: Dristi Protibondhi Unnayan Parishad) a non-government development organization which was established in 2001 by a number of young, enlightened social workers of Bangladesh. The organization is registered under Department of Social Welfare (Dha-07135/2002), NGO Affairs Bureau (NGO Affairs Bureau 2850/2014) and Registered Under “Jubo Unnon Adhodiptor” (Youth Development Department, Govt. of Bangladesh); registration number 613/2006.


The organization’s program approaches are transforming over 20 years to improve quality projects for the poor, vulnerable, under-privilege, disabled people and orphan children in Bangladesh. . ICDR gives emphasis to Minorities, Dalit and Ethnic community in Bangladesh. ICDR has undertaken socio economic development, education & ICT and health & nutrition, disaster and rehabilitation, climate change and environmental resource management, human rights and good governance, sustainable development programs. Throughout the period (20 years), the organization has gained a substantial amount of experience and has developed a sound capacity those areas. So far, ICDR has successfully implemented variable projects funded by  different donors, government organizations and international development partners. Moreover, the organization is currently implementing 7 projects.

ICDR is implementing its program activities through 3 offices including head office in Dhaka. Additionally, ICDR is a member of different networks both at local and national level and works for the betterment of the beneficiaries or development partners.  The organization is committed to focus on holistic development
and encompassing management framework with the participation of development partners, donor, government, NGOs, community and private sectors.


Fundamental Philosophy of ICDR:

Human potential is infinite. The point is to explore its multi-dimensional manifestations and harness it to promote human welfare.


Basic Principles of ICDR:

· Equality and neutrality

· Upholding national interest

· Safe-guarding the interest of the backward, socially disadvantaged and hard core people

· Democratic culture, transparency and accountability

· Ensuring a secure home land for future generation


Strategic Direction of ICDR:

· To improve livelihoods of vulnerable communities in Bangladesh.

· To improve health condition and education of the vulnerable people;

· To secure human rights and good governance;

· Sustainable environmental and resources management in eco-sensitive areas;

· Reduce disaster vulnerabilities;

· Adaptation and mitigation of adverse impact of climate change;

· Develop peoples organization and leadership;

· Expand ICDR an effective development institution to serve the vulnerable community in Bangladesh.


Implementation Methods:

·  Participatory

· Democratic


Development Approach of ICDR :

·  Right Based Approach

·  Empowering approach

·  Networking and partnership approach

·  Conflict sensitive approach

· Farming system approach

·  Sustainable development approach


Cross-cutting Issues:

·  Gender & equity

· Transparency & Accountability

·  Sustainability

·   Value for Money


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