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Completed Projects

1. DRR Project (2016 – 2017)
Right after the heavy rainfall and storm of the monsoon season, the crops of the selected areas became severely damaged. ICDR started the project with the assistance with BRAC and other partners to demonstrate the cropping method and agricultural process in accordance to the CCA and CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture) practices and the distribution of seeds of ‘BRRI Dhan 51’ and ‘BRRI Dhan 52’ with higher resilience to flood and salinity which generally has to be cropped by the end of July of year 2016, built awareness and capacity building among the farmers.

2. Disaster Management Household Awareness Program

Bangladesh experiences a monsoon season and natural disasters such as floods, tropical cyclones, tornadoes and rough seas, which occur on an almost annual frequency. The worst affected areas are those in the central southern region of the country. After facing a disaster, residents are faced with various health impacts, disruption of sanitation and drainage systems, disruption of water supply, climate refugees from coastal areas and siltation of the natural canals in the city. ICDR aimed to equip these affected households in Barisal with the necessary knowledge and training to overcome such issues through this program. Trainers were trained who used tools such as flipcharts to familiarize the victims with the problems and how to tackle them.

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