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Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives

DRR Project:

Right after the heavy rainfall and storm of the monsoon season, the crops of the selected areas became severely damaged. ICDR started the project with the assistance with BRAC and BRIT to demonstrate the cropping method and agricultural process in accordance to the CCA and CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture) practices and the distribution of seeds of ‘BRRI Dhan 51’ and ‘BRRI Dhan 52’ with higher resilience to flood and salinity which generally has to be cropped by the end of July of year 2016, built awareness and capacity building among the farmers. It was also ensured that there were 50% women participants. It was an emergency response project to help the most affected group of the community which consisted mostly of mid aged group farmers. Although our initial target was to include the young farmers among the beneficiaries, due to the limitation of time, engaging as much young farmers as targeted directly was a great challenge. However, we have indirectly engaged the youth of the affected area through their voluntary services for initiating the project.

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