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Youth Development Initiatives

‘BOLO’ A Youth Mental Health Development Initiative

‘BOLO’ is a youth mental health development initiative by ICDR. Mental health problems have serious repercussion on human survival; however, these issues are generally not perceived as a health problem and hence, are not a priority in the health care delivery system of Bangladesh. Due to the extremely dynamic nature of advancement in terms of technology, skills, global demand and attitude of the society, the youths often find themselves in tremendous mental pressure. And because there’s a huge gap in awareness and knowledge about mental health issues among general people, the stress and pressure turn into severe health issues. Hence, ICDR, being a ‘for the youth, by the youth’ organization itself, has taken an initiative to address the need of awareness about mental health among youths. Through ‘BOLO’ platform, ICDR organized workshops to engage youths from urban and rural community to spread awareness and knowledge to develop the young minds of Bangladesh.

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